A new interactive way for learning and assessment

For Organizations

Hire the Top %15 of our existing candidates worldwide, or customize an online test for your candidates.

For Developers

Challenge yourself or learn with a virtual assistant that will guide, assist and provide feedback on your performance.

Automate and Scale Your Frontal Technical Interview

Simulate a part of your interview with the aid of an AI-powered virtual assistant. It tracks candidate progress, analyze their steps in real-time, and gains valuable insights.
Create a fun and less stressful experience for candidates while significantly enhancing hiring efficiency.

How it Works:

Step 1

Create a challenge

Create unique challenges based on your needs or choose existing ready-to-use ones.

Step 2

Send it to your candidates

Send the test to your candidates, especially those whose resumes you're unsure about.

Step 3

Receive a detailed report

Receive a detailed report and invite only the best candidates for an in-person interview.

Realistic Questions

We use questions that simulate real day-to-day tasks, which allow recruiters to accurately predict the candidate’s potential to succeed in a given role. We are the only one with Cyber Security expertise.

Amazing candidate experience​

AI-Based Virtual Interviewer accompanies the candidate during the questions, with the ability to encourage and give hints when needed. Candidates love our platform and use it for training and fun.

Valuable insights

We record and analyze the entire solution pathway to get visibility similar to a frontal interview.

We prioritize candidate experience.

Solvers use our platform for learning and fun:


Tried to solve at least one challenge.


Number of visitors that succesfuly  solved at least one challenge, just for fun.

Registered Accounts

Continue to solve challenges to compete, learn, and achieve high scores on the scoreboard.

Recruiters' Testimonials

I used three different competitors before I met Intervee.
This platform takes a different approach. It is impressive, easy-to-use and actually feels like a real interview.
Yuri S
Ceo & Founder netvun
We operate in the cyber field and ask non- trivial questions during the frontal interview. Using Intervee, we could ask the same questions automatically, reach more candidates and shorten the time to hire.
Roy M
Head Of recuriting
The interface is friendly and easy to use. We love the experience.
We used to send our candidates a home exercise, but a lot of them gave up.
Intervee provides a fun and amazing experience for candidates.
Mor Y
hr Specialist


Currently, our platform is completely free to use. However, in the future, we may offer premium features or a paid plan that includes additional functionality.

Stay tuned for more information on our premium plans, and in the meantime, enjoy all the benefits of our free platform.

Beta Pricing – we are still in beta and pricing is subject to change.

Technical assessment Basic


Basic challenge library

Basic AI insights

Basic Cheating Detection

15 candidates per month

*Pilot for a limited time

Technical assessment Pro

$199 /month

Full library

Full AI insights

Cheating Detection

50 candidates per month

Up to 3 collaborators

* Introduction price for a limited time

Sourcing - Get new candidates

15% of the first salary

You pay only on a successful hiring. 

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